3 Most Common Seller Mistakes

These are the three most common seller mistakes when selling real estate.

1. Number 1: Staying for Showings

Buyers need to feel at ease in your home in order to make an offer to wanna live there. Step out, give them their space. A half an hour of your time is worth it. Otherwise, no matter how good a host you are, I assure you, the buyer will feel tense and not make an offer on the property.

Number 2: Making Decisions Emotionally

Sellers make decisions to price a house, which agent they’re going to use, and what the agreed upon sales price will be, often more with emotion than they do with fact and pragmatism. The latter of the two will make a much easier transaction.

Number 3: Pricing to Sell

If you overprice your house thinking that you’ll get a lowball offer and counter in the middle, you could miss the market entirely. If you wanna sell your house, price your house to sell.