3 Most Common Buyer Mistakes

These are the three most common buyer regrets.

1. Too Small

Many times, buyers choose the smaller model and smaller finishes so they can cost contain, but you end up with one of the smallest models in the development and can drastically affect your resell value.

2. The Wrong Mortgage

From FHA to conventional, VA, seven-year ARMs, there’s so many mortgage products that are available. It’s hard to know which is the right one for you. Don’t just call the local bank. Talk to two licensed mortgage professionals and share with them your expectations for the next five to 10 years so the right financing can be matched to the right person.

3. Short-sightedness

Buying for right now can cause you to outgrow a house very quickly. Think about your needs for the next three, five, and seven years, and you won’t make that mistake. So before you get a pre-approval, fill out a needs and want checklist. Just like the one we have in our home buyer packet.