Do I Need A Real Estate Attorney

Navigating the purchase or sale of a home, whether primary, investment, or vacation-related, can be tricky. Depending on which state you’re buying or selling, hiring an attorney may be commonplace or not. Why to hire an attorney when buying or selling.

1. CYA

Cover your asset. An attorney is likely the best money you’ll spend during the course of a real estate transaction. If you have liens or judgments that need to be cleared prior to closing, they’re the right person to take care of it for you.

2. Able To Act

If the other party in the transaction defaults or breaches the contract, your attorney can pursue legal action if necessary.

3. The Right Tool For The Job

You don’t use a hammer to drive in a screw. Real estate agents are not licensed to give legal advice. If you’re an executor of an estate, or enforcing a last will and testament, an attorney is the right person for the job.