What To Look For In A Builder

Thinking of building a new home or even just remodeling your existing residence. This can be a daunting task but also can yield the tremendous reward of many future years of complete enjoyment. Choosing the right builder or contractor is the single most important predictor of future success. What to look for in a builder.

1. Local Experience

Make sure you find a builder with a proven, successful track record of building homes in the town you plan to build in. They’ll know the codes and have an experience working with the zoning department, building department and architectural review board.

2. References

A reputable builder will happily offer you up a list of clients they’ve built for in the past, and those clients will likely let you through the house and showcase the craftsmanship. This isn’t something you should have to ask for.

3. Rapport

No matter how beautiful a house, if you don’t feel like your voice is going to be heard, this will be a very long process. Building a home can take from a year to three years. You’ll be married for that period of time. You better like each other.

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