What’s Included When I Sell My Home?

What’s included with the sale of a property? As a seller, you get to outline everything that’s included or excluded with the sale, those are called fixtures.

1. What Are Fixtures

Simply put, turn the house upside down, anything that doesn’t fall out would be referred to as a fixture. These are what would normally be included in the sale of the property unless you expressly “exclude” them from the listing or the contract.

2. Appliances

HVAC, mechanicals and hardwired appliances are typically included; So your heater, your air conditioning system, your hot water heater are typically included, washers and dryers, however, are a point of negotiation. You might wanna take them with you, but our advice is leave them. Newer digital front load devices don’t travel well on a moving truck.

3. Lighting Fixtures

Hardwired light fixtures like a chandelier are expected to stay with the property, if you have an heirloom fixture, make sure that it’s excluded, you’ll just have to replace it with a standard light fixture before you move. We’ve seen many a deal end up in a stalemate at the closing table over light fixtures that sellers forgot to “exclude”. Plan at the outset to avoid drama, tension, or potentially the loss of the deal.