Why Many Buyers Choose Bergen County

Why many buyers choose Bergen County…

1. Blue Chip Schools

The most populous county in the state of New Jersey, Bergen County, is probably best known for its Blue Chip schools. In 2018, the US News & World Report top high school rankings, 17 Bergen County high schools made the top 100 New Jersey list.

2. Commute To New York City

One of the main attractions to Bergen County is the quaint New England-esque town squares, often built around their train stations. With an average commute time of 45 minutes to New York City, you get the best of both worlds: Premier suburban lifestyle and shortened commute time.

3. Thriving Downtown

With thriving downtown areas with shopping and dining, such as Ridgewood and Westwood. Within New Jersey, no other county offers as many towns that really embody the walk-to-town vibe that Bergen County offers. Stay tuned to our feed for highlights throughout the year of our favorite local spots.