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The Ten Hoeve Realty Group (THRG) was founded in 2007 by DJ Ten Hoeve in order to expand his successful real estate team concept within and beyond the borders of Monmouth County by mutually partnering with growth-minded REALTORs to help more customers buy and sell real estate.

THRG’s business model is the future of real estate. Not all agents want to build a team. Many just want to be on a successful team that shares their values and vision and can help them take their business to the next level without an exorbitant amount of time or risk. That’s where THRG comes in.

After many iterations, trial and error, major and minor tweaks, and a lot of failing forward, we have solidified a model that exemplifies our passion for integrity, intelligence, and innovation with LEVERAGE. By providing our agents with exceptional centralized services, including world class coaching, training, administrative and operational support, and lead generation, we allow our agents to focus on their one thing – helping people buy and sell real estate. The world is our playground and we will go wherever the business takes us. From one agent in Monmouth County to several team members and a second location expanding coverage across ⅔ of the NJ, THRG is committed to deliver an experience beyond expectation to a colorful variety of clientele, while operating a magnetic, people-growing real estate company.


By 2025 our goal is to expand to a total of 5 locations across the state of New Jersey, then beyond our home state’s borders. With centralized support services including a full creative & marketing team, sales support, training, and more, our model allows new and existing agents and agent teams the ability to plug in and grow with leveraged support.

Whether you’re a designer, a commercial realtor, a stager, a contractor, a brand new REALTOR or a successful REALTOR looking to expand, we’d love to talk with you and see how and if we help each other!

Fill out the contact form below or call us at 201.315.9157.


Coaching & Consulting

Coaching is integral to our growth personally and professionally. Think back to a great coach you had early in life. How did they motivate you? How did they keep you accountable?

From initial training, to goal planning, and weekly coaching and accountability sessions our team is constantly raising the bar of every individual in our business, and in turn the entire company. “If you want to go fast. Go alone. If you want to go far. Go together!”

You can be assured that no one will help you grow you and your business faster than our incredible team!

Marketing Support

Boring, basic marketing materials don’t work. BRANDING is everything! Our dedicated Creative Team has a complete design catalog of marketing materials completely custom created and branded to our business and our partners. You don’t need to waste time daily, weekly, monthly creating. You focus on what you love and what you’re best at, while we expand your reach and depth of recognition! Just plug in and let’s go!


Mission: We exist to innovate, to challenge expectations, and to surprise. We aim to deliver an experience beyond expectation to a colorful variety of clientele, while operating a magnetic, people-growing real estate company.

Vision: We will be a place that attracts top talent; a place where “if you’re not here, you wish you were”.

Values: Integrity. Intelligence. Innovation.

Beliefs: Together everyone achieves greater. Win-win or no deal.

Perspective: We are a high-minded group of creative, top-producing professionals who believe in success through teamwork. The Ten Hoeve Realty Group exemplifies leadership, in all ways, in the real estate space.