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Not every REALTOR can sell your home. Our experience is that many homeowners think all REALTORS do the same thing. Do you know anyone who listed their home and it didn’t sell? Almost 60% of homes listed with REALTORS don’t sell. That is because there is a huge difference between being a licensed agent and being a professional. You’ll need to ask the right questions to determine the right person for the job.

Being a successful listing agent also requires a more difficult skillset than that needed to help out buyers, not just implementing pricing & marketing strategies, but a deeper understanding of local market dynamics and inventory. We are a team comprised of specialists, with proven results. With THRG, it’s not just about what we do that is different…it’s also how well.



We build a pre-buzz for your home. We’ll start selling it long before it hits MLS.

PRO Photo/Video

First impressions are everything. Look your best. Ask to see our drone videos!

Merchandising vs. Pricing

We will show you how to merchandise your home against your competition.

Advertising Budget

MLS & Zillow aren’t enough. We create unique Facebook, Google, Instagram, even TikTok ad sets.

Buyers Specialists

Buyers move fast! Our dedicated Buyer Specialists answer EVERY incoming lead call.

Real-Time Updates

We constantly evaluate inventory, feedback, & changes when needed.


You need a skilled negotiator to employ strategies to extract TOP value.




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