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Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Our Spring Home Maintenance Checklist is a great way to get outside in the fresh air as the weather is starting to warm up. The winter months were just as hard on your home as they were on you and by doing some easy maintenance now, you could save yourself from a hefty repair bill later on.

Here are some ways you can give your home some much needed TLC:


Download a printable version this Spring Home Maintenance Checklist here.


  1. Clean your gutters. Remove leaves and debris and make sure the downspouts aren’t clogged. You can use a leaf blower to remove dry leaves. Spray a hose down your downspout to be sure water is flowing out and away from the home.
  2. Check the exterior of your home. Look for cracks in the foundation, gaps that critters can get into, roof or siding damage, and water pooling around the foundation.
  3. Clean the grill and outdoor furniture. Have it ready to go for that first warm day!
  4. Prep your garden. Stock up on dirt, mulch, and yard waste bags.
  5. Test smoke alarms. If you have battery operated smoke & carbon monoxide detectors, change the batteries.
  6. Service your lawn mower and other outdoor tools. Make sure the blade on the mower is sharp and check the oil.
  7. Replace the filter on your furnace. You might also have filters in other areas of your home: refrigerator, water filter, water softener, and air vents…..even your coffee maker!

If you need a professional to help with any maintenance or repairs to your home, we can refer you to someone that can help!  Call us at 201.596.6236

You won’t regret spending some quality time preparing to avoid a problem rather than dealing with an emergency!

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Download a printable version this Spring Home Maintenance Checklist here.