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Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Summer is almost here! Before you take off for the pool or the ice cream truck, show your house some love! By completing some easy maintenance now you could save yourself from an even bigger repair down the road, and that’s not a cool way to spend your summer.


Download a printable version of this checklist here.


  1. Power wash and re-stain your deck. All the snow & rain sitting on it through the Winter and Spring may have worn the seal down and left it mildewy!
  2. Add mulch to landscaping beds. This is a great way to improve curb appeal after a soggy spring!
  3. Check the exterior. Repaint any peeling or faded paint to prevent wood rot. If you discover wood rot have it repaired immediately to prevent further damage!
  4. Service your AC unit. You don’t want to be the one that loses AC on the hottest day of the year.
  5. Check windows and doors for air leaks. Always have a tube of caulk and some weather stripping on hand. Filling cracks will help keep cold AC inside and helps save on your utility bills no matter the season.
  6. Inspect the foundation inside and out. Repair any cracks and add dirt around the foundation.
Don’t forget to stock up on sunscreen, bug repellent, hats, and sunglasses while you’re at it!
If you need a professional to help with any maintenance or repairs to your home, we can refer you to someone that can help!  Call us at 201.596.6236


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